Painting and Drywall

Z&C turns has been painting multifamily and commercial properties and our experience shows in consistent and reliable quality.

Our professional painters will adhere to your standards and specifications every time and on time.

Our services include not only painting of individual multifamily units but also hallways, balconies and other interior and exterior surfaces.
Choosing and committing to renovating your facility is one of the biggest and best decisions The old adage that says, “You have spent money to make money” applies to what most of us consider to be our biggest investment – Yes, it costs money up front to update the unit bathroom or modernize the kitchen, but when you think long-term about the return that this investment can get you on the back-end… it will surely pay for itself and then some!

    Ceramic Tile Floors/Shower Walls, Vanity Installation, Lighting & Plumbing Fixtures and Repairs we offer reglazing too
    Base & Upper Cabinets, Countertops, Lighting, Appliances, Backsplashes & Plumbing Fixtures and Repairs
    Drywall Installations and Repairs, Color Changes, Trim, Window Sills, base & Crown Molding
  • Lighting and Hardware
    Install/Replace Light Fixtures, Replace Knobs & Hinges and Electrical Rewiring.
  • Upgrades
    We can update your apartments so you can keep with your competition. Bath and Kitchen renovations, Hardware and Lighting packages as well as standard punch-outs & touch-ups.